"I have completely changed my tower project based on what I learned from you. I coached my [7th grade] kids today before they met their [kindergarten] clients. The interviews were delightful. The kindergartners asked for wild things ( "It has to look like a dragon", etc.) I told my kids to do what they could with the requests. I miss the energy you two brought to Crane."

Phil von Phul, Crane Country Day School Science Teacher

"What education and educators need is a real paradigm shift - when working with KIDmob, you get shifted right off the cliff. I and our students now operate on a whole new level around everything we do! Thanks KIDmob for making us and our small piece of the world better."

Sue Weber, Director of Indian Valley Academy

"KIDmob challenged our students to design projects that have real-world relevance to them. The project designs were intended to be prototypes for use in community settings that are real, which made the projects meaningful for the participants."

Kurt Feichtmeir, Director of Extended Learning at The Exploratorium

"David and I are both so impressed with his experience this week and the caliber of the volunteers and staff... David is truly appreciative...and has learned so much this week."

Suzanne B., parent of David B., participant in Superhero Cyborgs, July 2014

"Thank you so much for giving me a life-changing adventure, inspiring me, and helping me grow as a person. This experience was unforgettable."

Elizabeth S., Youth Design Summit Participant

"Its rare that I come across the combination of thoughtfulness and excitement that KIDmob brings to the table! You guys are an inspiration."

Lawrence Gallagher, SRI Institute, Education Dept.

"I realized that people are way more similar than we all think. We have our own specific qualities, but we all share hopes and dreams. We share the way we think and problem solve, and the way we are curious and creative. It was just so great to be able to see that people who seemed like they couldn't be more different when we arrived, couldn't be more the same when we left."

Mckenna C., Reflection on Youth Design Summit

"Congratulations! Great program"

Professor Barrett Hazeltine, Brown University